Friday, April 21, 2006

Buy a laptop - Man tells of drug trial horror

Man tells of drug trial horror
Beeld - London - One of six men who became seriously ill while participating in a clinical drug trial said he was warned to expect nothing worse than headaches and nausea as side effects of the medication. "The risk they mentioned was some headache and

UK: Indian suffers in drug trial
Rediff - An Indian who took ill after a controversial drug trial that went awry has described his experience as 'horrific' and said he was warned to expect nothing worse than headaches and nausea as side-effects. Six healthy volunteers suffered convulsions

by Anthony Berg, of the Advance Titan
Advance Titan - Sales of Universal Media Discs, which allow users to watch movies on their PSP, have fallen into a decline. (Courtesy of One of the selling points for the PlayStation Portable when it was first released was the introduction of movies

Advance Planning for Windows Vista
New York Times - Q. I want to buy a laptop. Should I wait until the new version of Windows comes out? A. The consumer release of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista, has been delayed until early next year, so you would be waiting quite a while to buy a

Laptop buyers are usually coming back for more
ITnews - People buying notebooks usually already have one, a market research company says. Only two percent of the 10.5 million US households planning to buy notebooks in the next year are first-time buyers, Park Associates said in a report released this week

Forum, 4-15: We need ID plan
Rapid City Journal - By Scott Jones & Wanda Blair; Jones, writing from Midland, is president-elect of South Dakota Cattlemen's Association and Blair, writing from Vale, is vice president of South Dakota Farm Bureau. The recent forum article, "Animal ID isn't the answer

Zero Day Review: Dell Precision Workstation M90 Packed with Intel Core
Digital Animators - The Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M90 (starting at $2239, $3523 as tested, see Dell's Small Business area on its Web site) raises the bar for the company's highest-end notebook PCs, adding Intel Core Duo processors to the mix along with a 7200RPM

Taking on technological hype
Chicago Tribune - A 3-by-5-inch index card and a 3-inch golf pencil. "That's my PDA," he said proudly. "I can tear it in half. I can give it to you. I can write notes. If I lose it, it's not a big deal." And that pretty much sums up Seidensticker's take on technology

Nagel: Cracker Barrel
Pine And Lakes News - Last week I decided to buy a laptop computer. Being a person of thrifty habits, I decided right off that I would take the time necessary to inform myself of the various choices involved. Rather than rush to a retailer and buy the first machine that

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